Australian Owned


Gucci Soho Disco

All Of Our Bags Are Made From Geniune Leather And Have Minimal Flaws When Compared To Retail. They Will All Come With The Original Box And Accesories.

Givenchy Destroyed

All Of Our Clothing Is Made From %100 Cotton Or What It Is Specified. Prints Are Upto %99 Accurate, And Other Details Such Stiching And Tags Are Also Very Close To Retail.

LV Luxemburg

Genuine Cow Leather Outer And Inner, 1:1 Imported Soles To Make The Luxemburg As Close As Possible To Retial. FashionRepsAU Offers Top Quality Batches At Cost Effective Prices.

Yeezy 350 V2

Exact Same Materials As Retail, Boost Used Is Constructed The Same Was As Retail (Real Boost), So It Passes The Green Light Test. Shape, Color And Stiching Is 09:1

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Premium Replicas Of Major Brands

Best fakes in the Market. Genuine leather goods including bags, wallets, belts and designer Sneakers.

 All prodcuts are carefully picked from the best batches to Ensure all of our designer wear is as close as possible to the real thing.

 At FashionRepsAU, we only offer the best quality qroducts straight from our partners, cutting out any middleman to offer goods at a cost effective price.

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