Most frequent questions and answers
  • Most Products Are Shipped Directly From China.
  • Returns Are Shipped To Melbourne.
  • A page will be added with products available in Australia 

%98 of products comes with the branded box + any other accessories. Very large items may not come with their branded box

No returns/exchanges on products that are custom made which includes sizes Womens:

34, 35, 40 , 41, 42


38, 45 and 46

You may be eligible for a refund if products are returned in their original condition (with packaging) and one of the following apply.

  • Product arrive damaged
  • Products do not match the description or photos
  • You received the wrong item

You may be eligible for exchanges if products are returned in their original condition (with packaging) and one of the following apply.

  • Size doesnt fit ($5+($10xqty))
  • You received the wrong item (free return shipping)
  • You received the wrong size (free return shipping)

Returns can be sent to Melbourne using the most cost effective method. Once recieved we will either refund or send you a new item. Their are no refunds for late deliveries 

Because of covid19 their are delays and shipping times may differ. 

EMS (Standard)

  • Delivered in 2 to 3 weeks 
  • Trackable after 3 days 

If you haven’t recieve a tracking number after your order is completed or its been 1 week after purchase date please email us. Tracking is provided through account page or email.

  • Please Use Sizecharts For Clothing.
  • For Sneakers Go True To Size EU. Attach A Note If Its For Male Or Female. You Could Also Measure You Heel To Toe , To Insure Correct Size. 
  • All prices are in AUD, which includes the pricing on products and
  • Bank transfer information is also Australian. 

We do not allow orders to be picked up or payed in cash. We also do not have a showroom for obvious reasons.

Currently their are two payment methods


Checkout conveniently through paypal. A 7.6% fee incurs at checkout to lower the high volume of orders processed through paypal. Why is this?

  1. Strict paypal policies on what and what you cannot sell 
  2. Random account limitions from the amount of money coming and leaving the account 
  3. Payment holds causing delays on processing orders

We are hoping paypal will be used for our new customers to insure peace of mind with their purcahses 

Bank Transfers 

No fees or extra costs on transfers we even offer a 2% discount at checkout. Bank details are australian so their is no international transfers. Transfer information will be shown once checked out, payments can take upto 2 days for it show up in our accounts. Please email us if you have transfered and have not had a order confirmation after 2 days.  

Credit Card 

Credit transactions are processed and maintained by squareup which incures a 2.0% fee. All purchases are fully encrypted and secure between you and squareup, we merely use their API to connect our website to their services.